Who Are My Clients?

My clients are quite diverse . . .

You could be someone who might not be completely comfortable with your true beauty. Perhaps you have spent many years in the corporate world and you've managed to succeed there because you felt it was vital to take on more of your masculine aspect than you might have preferred to in other circumstances, and now you'd like to be able to express the full range of your Feminine Essence. You know you want to be more accepting of your body and self-image, but aren't quite there yet. It's possible that there are places in your life where you've discovered you haven't really been very loving to yourself. Someone who would love to see yourself as you may never have seen yourself before and experience your essence through the soulful, loving eyes of an artist?

Or you may need images for your website that truly expresses the strong, vibrant woman you have become and are now wanting to share with the world. It's also possible that you have done the inner work and it's been a while since you've gifted yourself with images that you know are "next level you"—beautiful, strong, confident and with a touch of magic.

Or maybe you are a workshop or retreat leader who sees the value in having me come to your event and doing a photo shoot for the women who are participating. There is such a marked transformation in the photos taken when they first arrive and those that are taken after your event is drawing to a close. Once a woman actually sees an image of who they are after getting in touch with deeper aspects of themselves, they can no longer deny who the truth—that they are magnificent!

There are so many more descriptions of the women that are drawn to collaborate with me on a photo shoot, but this should give you an idea of whether you are one of them.